Monthly Archives: December 2015


Developing the next generation of quantum technologists is essential if the UK is to position itself as a world leader in the field and QuantIC has supported this by encouraging the learning of Quantum Physics at Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers level.

Together with the Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC), QuantIC developed a pilot Quantum Physics workshop for teachers, which was held on 26 Nov 15 at the University of Glasgow. The workshop aimed to provide a better understanding of the subject through up to date research and real life examples of quantum technology in action by QuantIC’s researchers.

Professor Miles Padgett, who led the workshop said, “It’s fantastic that quantum physics is now being taught at Higher and Advanced Higher level in Scottish schools and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to offer teachers support to develop their own understanding of what remains a challenging topic. Scientists are increasingly looking to the quantum realm to develop new forms of technology. Clearly, offering a comprehensive grounding in quantum physics to young people in their studies will be increasingly important in keeping the UK technology sector competitive with the rest of the world”.

Feedback from the workshop has been overwhelmingly positive. Over 90% of the teachers who attended the workshop rated it as “Very Good” in meeting their professional needs in the feedback evaluation survey and 95% said that it had met their requirements.

Gregor Steele, Head of Section, SSERC said, “I’m sure I speak for the whole physics teaching community in Scotland when I say we’re extremely grateful for the way that world-class academics have been willing to engage with us to support the introduction of new, exciting content in schools.”

At the request of SSERC, QuantIC will be running the Quantum Physics Teachers’ Workshop again and are also working with education bodies to develop teaching resources and support materials.