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Visitors to the Glasgow Science Centre will be the first in the UK to play with quantum imaging technology as QuantIC launched its “Making the Invisible Visible” exhibition today.

The exhibits, designed by Glasgow Science Centre, bring to life some of the research being done by the Hub and also explores quantum physics,  the study of the Universe at its smallest level where the rules of classical physics do not apply; for example particles being in more than one location at the same time.

Dr Stephen Breslin, Chief Executive of Glasgow Science Centre said: “The work being done by quantum physicists will change all of our everyday lives; making us safer, healthier and will provide us with smarter technology. The QuantIC exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre is providing a window on the most advanced research being carried out in the UK.

QuantIC GSC exhibition

Some of QuantIC’s research that makes up a number of the exhibits includes “Light in flight”, “Single Pixel Camera” and “Mid-Infrared and terahertz”. Visitors will also get a chance to find out about quantum theory such as Young’s Double Slit experiment and light’s properties and what it’s like working in an optical laboratory. Judging by some of the school children’s reactions who were treated to a preview earlier this week, we hope it might inspire the next generation of quantum physicists and engineers.

Professor Miles Padgett, Principal Investigator of QuantIC, added: “QuantIC is thrilled to have been able to work with the Glasgow Science Centre team to develop an exhibition that introduces both quantum physics and our own research to the public. We are also inviting visitors to give us suggestions on what they think our technology could be used for via social media using #askquantic. Who knows, the super application for our Quantum Cameras could only be a tweet away.”

More details on visiting the exhibition can be found here.

QuantIC has published its first annual report which covers the period since the hub was set up till end of November 2015.

Check it out below: