Monthly Archives: July 2016

How can Quantum Physics be used in a Zombie Apocalypse? QuantIC’s researchers came up with an immersive theatrical event, “Agent Photon and the Quest for Quantum”, to engage students and the public on their research at the Glasgow Science Festival this year.
Held in a secret location within the University of Glasgow, the school kids and public who came along were met by “Professor Heisenberg” who told them they were being inducted into the Heisenberg Quantum Academy. However the induction didn’t last long as “Agent Photon” arrived seeking help with the Zombie Apocalypse outbreak taking place. What followed was a race against time to work in teams to find out more about Quantum Physics and QuantIC’s research, building gadgets to save the world and presenting them to Agent Photon, and to avoid being infected by the walking dead who were attacking Glasgow.

Quantum zombiesThe event went down very well with those who had attended, with feedback survey results indicating that all respondents had learnt something about Quantum Physics and QuantIC’s research. Most people enjoyed the interaction of building gadgets and “learning about the different experiments and figuring out how to solve a problem in a crisis”.

Quantum Vs ZombiesThe fun elements of the event were also balanced with a Quantum Physics lecture by QuantIC’s researchers which reinforced some of the experiments that were demonstrated. The session with the school kids had the additional bonus of Dr Craig Hamilton from M Squared Lasers, who had been invited along to talk about possible careers with Quantum Physics.

Most respondents wanted to spend more time building gadgets and more zombies, its food for thought for the next zombie apocalypse!