Monthly Archives: August 2016

QuantIC was pleased to support the Quantum Photonics Summer School hosted by the Centre for Quantum Photonics (CQP) at the University of Bristol. Sixteen students aged between 16-22 years of age from around the UK attended the week long intensive summer school which ran from 25 – 29 July.

The Quantum Photonics Summer School celebrates light in all its form and was developed by Mr Javier Sabines, a PhD student at CQP who is also working on QuantIC research at the University of Bristol. The schedule covered a wide range of topics from Young’s Double Slit experiment and the Photoelectric effect to quantum information and quantum key distribution. Lectures were also interspersed with lab experiments and tours to find out about new research being carried out. Many of the topics have been covered in the syllabus for A Levels and the programme was designed to give students an insight about doing physics and engineering at university. In addition to this, the instructors of the summer school shared their personal experiences as scientists, providing useful tips for successful research and making the students aware of the potential career options available with a scientific degree.

Bristol Summer school collage

Feedback has been very positive from the students who attended and they would recommend attending the summer school to other students. Amy Clayton from Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School said, “The summer school has made me see how useful scientific research can be and it’s made me more inclined to pursue a career in academia. I also found it thoroughly interesting hearing about the latest discoveries and advances and I’m intrigued to read more about current scientific research.” Micha Lanez from Kingswood School in Bath added, “I learnt about many new applications of optics such as in quantum computing, communications and measurements. I never knew about most of these before the course.”

It was also encouraging to find that attendees were inspired about sharing what they learnt at the summer school. George Oxley from Churchill Academy and Sixth Form said, “There is a STEM club at school which is aimed at younger years and is run by sixth formers. Next year I will be hoping to play a bigger part in this.”

We’re looking to next year’s summer school already!