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QuantIC academics Professors Miles Padgett, Daniele Faccio and Robert Hadfield will be speaking at international Quantum conferences taking place in Europe this week.

Professors at QuantIC

Professors Padgett and Faccio will be running a special session on Photonic quantum technology where they will be presenting their research on single photon counting and ghost imaging at the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Technology (FQMT), the international conference devoted to quantum theory, experiment and technology at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden.

Also speaking this week, QuantIC’s Professor Robert Hadfield will be giving a keynote presentation at the International Superconductive Electronics Conference (ISEC 2017) in Sorrento, Italy, where he will speak on the development of superconducting nanowire single photon detectors as a leading edge infrared photon counting technology, progress in the scale-up to large area imaging arrays and advances in miniaturized cooling technology.

The Hub will also be showcasing some of its technology demonstrators at Laser World of Photonics in Munich at the end of the month. All in all, June is looking like a busy month for QuantIC!

From building on existing partnerships and developing new industrial collaborations to officially launching the QuantIC Innovation Space and the “Making the Invisible Visible” exhibition at the Glasgow Science Centre, QuantIC’s second year of operation has been fast paced and exciting. Information on the Hub’s key highlights and more can be found in QuantIC’s latest annual report which is published today.

QuantIC Annual Report

Professor Steve Beaumont, QuantIC’s Director said, “Year Two has been an eventful one for us. We’ve held a significant number of industry visits and some of our partnership projects have developed from Phase 1 to Phase 2, a good indication that our technology is moving in the right direction”.

QuantIC’s annual report also details the cutting edge research published by the Hub’s academics, some of which have garnered extensive media coverage such as the “Wee-g” and the Hub’s research into “seeing around corners”, raising the profile of QuantIC with the public and industry. Professor Beaumont added, “QuantIC’s vision has always been to create a new industrial landscape for imaging systems and their applications in the UK and we’re looking forward to delivering this to the market place. Bring on Year Three!”.

QuantIC’s latest annual report can be viewed or downloaded here.