Monthly Archives: November 2017

As part of the remit for responsible research and innovation, QuantIC took part in an EPSRC commissioned research to understand the public’s perceptions and values in relation to the capabilities of quantum technologies currently under development in the UK, and to also understand any concerns, aspirations and priorities that they might have for the future  development and deployment of quantum technologies. The public dialogue workshops were organized in locations where the network of UK quantum technology hubs were based and QuantIC actively fielded its researchers to participate in the sessions held in Glasgow.

QT Public Dialogue Collage

An interim activity between the workshops was also organized for the respondents and this consisted of a personalised after hours tour of QuantIC’s “Making the invisible visible” exhibit at the Glasgow Science Centre. The Hub’s researchers also brought in demonstrators specially and this allowed the respondents to visualise how the research had evolved into a new technology and the potential applications and uses it offered. The respondents’ feedback on the interim activity indicated that the event had boosted their interest in quantum technologies with comments such as “It was very interesting to see things visually as well as in theory” and “Really enjoyed this evening. I have a better understanding of quantum”.

Judging by the reactions from the public dialogue workshops in Glasgow, it seemed that respondents were positive to the capabilities of quantum technologies being developed as part of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme and QuantIC is looking forward to the final report on the public dialogue which will be published by EPSRC.

QuantIC highlighted the rapid pace and strength of its academic-industrial collaboration with a record 12 technology demonstrators at the 2017 National Quantum Technologies Showcase in London, a threefold increase from the inaugural event in 2015.

QT Showcase 17 Collage

The industry event highlights new technological innovation from the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, which aims to make the UK the “go-to” place for the development and commercialisation of quantum technologies. This year, over 600 people attended the event which featured breakout sessions on industrial collaboration and over 50 exhibits with potential applications in sectors such as photonics, autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, finance and many more.

The hub’s exhibits included low cost 3D imaging, seeing through scattering media with single photon imaging, Wee-g (an ultra-sensitive MEMS gravimeter), Fresnel cones for optimised structured polarisation beans, a multiplexed fluorescence lifetime microscopy camera and Indipix (a new type of mid-infrared sensor). Many of these demonstrators have been developed with industrial partners such as M Squared Lasers, Horiba Scientific, Gooch and Housego, Clyde Space and Thales.

Professor Miles Padgett, QuantIC’s Principal Investigator said, “Taking the ideas inspired by quantum physics that are born in a university research laboratory and turning them into innovative quantum enhanced imaging technology through industrial collaboration is what QuantIC does. I’m already looking forward to what we’ll be able to present at next year’s event”.

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