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Collaborative opportunities at Quantum Imaging Workshop


Quantum Imaging has been identified as a critical disruptive technology for defence and security applications where both the US and UK academic base have world-leading and complementary capability. Both countries are making significant investment in the basic research and its translation into applications.

A workshop was held at Mar Hall on 20 & 21 May which brought together quantum imaging leaders in both the US and UK academic communities to explore how their research could complement each other.

The format of the two-day workshop comprised short (10min) presentations with an emphasis upon discussion (>50%). The departure from the traditional conference format and the residential nature of the workshop was welcomed by the participants and contributed to positive and pair wise and small group discussions.

Immediate technical collaboration opportunities were identified around a number of research areas including the combination of various camera technologies with alternative signal/data processing methodologies. The latter opportunity in particular, recognises how processing can yield hither-to unobtainable information, even from existing sensor systems.

Perhaps most importantly was the identification of how quantum imaging could contribute to addressing grand challenge areas, including through building visualisation, non line-of-sight imaging (and sensing), hyper-spectral imaging/interrogation and non Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) spoofing.

Mechanisms to accelerate the activity and drive forward these collaborations included small investments such as initiating a pair-wise graduate student exchange programme through to larger investments around grand challenge demonstrators.

Feedback at the end of the workshop confirmed an event that exceeded expectations of even the most enthusiastic of participants.

The event was kindly supported by DSTL.