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Glasgow Chamber of Commerce visits QuantIC

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In February, Stuart Patrick, the Chief Executive of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce,visited QuantIC to learn more about the Hub. Stuart is a member of the Glasgow Economic Leadership Board, the Sustainable Glasgow Board and the Glasgow City Centre Strategy Board; he also co-chairs the Glasgow Employer Board and is also chair of Glasgow City of Science.

During the visit he had the opportunity to learn more about the technologies currently under development in the Hub and the instruments we were deploying to facilitate technology translation for the benefit of industry.

Prof Miles Padgett, who hosted the visit, presented an overview of our industrial engagement strategy, including case studies of industry-led projects that had been funded during the first year of operation of the Hub through our Partnership Resource Fund (PRF). Designed to accelerate technology uptake by industry, the £4M PRF supports technical and commercial feasibility studies and the secondment of staff to aid knowledge exchange between academia and industry. The QuantIC Market Opportunities Panel, comprising 18 industrial partners, directs the strategic investment of the PRF.

This fund has been further augmented by a Scottish Funding Council investment of £3M to create and operate our Innovation Space. Stuart visited the facilities available within the QuantIC innovation space, which offers flexible laboratory and office accommodation for companies wishing to collaborate with QuantIC technologists.

Writing in the Herald a couple of weeks after his visit Stuart said, “Recently I took a team from the Chamber to visit QuantIC at the University of Glasgow. Their work involves faster commercial application of imaging technologies. What would you do, they asked, with a camera that could take pictures of leaking gas, or could see round corners or detect cancer under the skin? Several companies, local and international, are practically involved in answering questions like these, including locally-based M Squared Lasers and the French company Thales, which now owns Barr and Stroud at Linthouse. Look out for more on QuantIC at the Glasgow Science Centre in April. Projects like this build the foundations of our ability to earn a living in the future.”