QuantIC is developing innovative technologies to disrupt the marketplace

Industry thrives on innovation as it can bring new ideas to existing products or processes, to improve performance or reduce cost. Quantum mechanics has demonstrated that light has inherent “uncertainties” in its features and quantum imaging can both improve the performance of existing imaging systems and create new sensing modalities beyond what is possible in classical optics.
QuantIC is developing technologies with the potential to disrupt the marketplace. Our innovation strategy involves working alongside industry to identify where these new developments can be applied to add real value to a company’s bottom line performance. We jointly look to answer the “so what?” questions such as “What value will these innovations add?”, “What competitive edge will we gain?”, “What commercial opportunity are we addressing?”.
We have a £4M Partnership Resource Fund to support innovative technology development initiatives with industry. The fund is controlled by our Market Opportunities Panel, which consists of representatives from across industry who evaluate the project applications. All projects are industry led and targeted to proving the feasibility of QuantIC’s technology in a commercial setting and include a matching in-kind or cash contribution from the industrial partner.
For further information or to discuss a potential partnership project with us, please contact our Business Development Manager:
Kevin McIver
+44 (0)141 330 4080