Partnership Resource Fund

QuantIC’s £4 Million Partnership Resource Fund (PRF) will target the translation of research outcomes into industrial applications and commercial opportunities

QuantIC’s vision is built on a commitment to the principle of ‘open-access innovation’ for the exchange of knowledge, expertise and IP between the Hub, its industrial partners, and the national UK Quantum Technology Hub network.

In support of this, QuantIC has a £4M Partnership Resource Fund (PRF) which bridges the gap between industry and academia and is designed to accelerate the uptake of quantum technologies which will give a competitive edge to UK industry whether through new products, enhanced functionality of existing products or lower costs. It focusses on establishing the feasibility of developing early stage laboratory systems into future commercial products and systems and does this by investigating and then developing the technology to increase its Technology Readiness Level (TRL) where a market opportunity has been clearly identified.

QuantIC works in partnership with individual or groups of companies and academic institutions to clearly identify routes to exploitation and to support this by building new demonstrator systems up to TRL 7. The Hub meets the cost of the academic partner in such collaborations. To date, we have funded industrial projects with companies such as Horiba, Aralia Systems, M Squared Lasers, ST Microelectronics, Thales, Bridgeporth, Lockheed Martin, Leonardo and Chromacity.

Find out more about some of approved partnership projects here.

All projects submitted are assessed by the QuantIC Market Opportunities Panel, who meet every quarter and consists of industry partners such as Scottish Enterprise,BP, Thales, DSTL and Andor, and review each project against criteria such as market opportunity potential, evidence of demand and industrial engagement (cash or in-kind contributions), quality of work plan, understanding of routes to market, and potential to secure or leverage further development funding (TSB, SE, EU, private investment).

Applications for the PRF is divided into two phases. Phase 1 applications focus on feasibility studies and early demonstrator systems while Phase 2 applications are relevant for projects which are further up the TRL scale and closer to commercialisation.

Guidance and PRF application forms can be found below:

The closing dates for upcoming submissions are:
– 19 Feb 2018
– 14 May 2018
– 27 Aug 2018
– 26 Nov 2018

For further information, please contact our Business Development Manager:

Michael Fletcher
+44 (0)141 330 3661