Partnership Resource Projects

Gas Sight – M Squared Lasers and University of Glasgow

This technical feasibility project investigates in an industrial setting, the gas detection performance capabilities of the prototype Single Pixel Camera (SPC) developed at Glasgow University. The prototype camera is currently at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4 and has already been demonstrated to detect pure methane in a laboratory setting but requires more extensive testing and development before industrial investment can be attracted.

The project is led by M Squared Lasers and supported by QuantIC under two Partnership Resource Projects. Phase 1 investigated the feasibility of deploying the M Squared patented concept of active illumination for remote sensing and spectroscopy in combination with QuantIC’s single pixel camera technology. Phase 2 is ongoing and aims to further develop and test the technology in M Squared’s industrial setting with a view to advancing the prototype towards commercialisation.
Gas Sight offers the potential for lower cost, smaller sized, lower power and highly portable remote gas detection system than those currently available. The global gas sensing market was estimated at USD1.78 billion in 2013 and is projected to worth USD 2.32billion by 2018.Gas sensing has relevant applications in sectors such as oil and gas, building and construction, food processing, healthcare and water treatment.

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About M Squared Lasers
M Squared Lasers is a company, which explores, develops and manufactures next-generation lasers and photonic instruments. The core team has more than twenty years of experience in R&D and manufacturing with a track record of award-winning products and business success to show for it. They are already engaged in the gas sensing market. For more information, visit: