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Wee-g: Field testing a miniaturized MEMS gravimeter – Bridgeporth and University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow has built and tested a laboratory based Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) gravimeter – Wee-g.

The MEMS device is small and offers the potential for the best cost to performance ratio of all commercially available gravimeters. The sensitivity shown in the laboratory is comparable to best in class devices but has to be shown to work in the field before it will attract investment.

There has already been industrial interest shown in the Wee-g and the advice is that its control/readout electronics have to be re-packaged in order for field tests can be undertaken.

This project has three objectives:
– to develop an early stage mobile prototype of the MEMS gravimeter which currently exists as a laboratory prototype, TRL level 3,
– to field test the gravimeter and compare its performance against an industry standard gravimeter on either an exploration project or against a known gravitational anomaly
– to identify areas for design improvement to develop a full demonstrator

Bridgeporth have offered to test the MEMS device in the field and to undertake comparative testing against a standard commercial gravimeter. The results of the project will be used to inform the design for a full demonstrator which will also incorporate quantum sensing interferometer techniques to further improve noise performance and device sensitivity. This project is in line with work package three of the QuantIC programme.


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