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High speed, visible light sources for computational stereo imaging – Aralia Systems Limited and University of Strathclyde

This project investigates the feasibility of employing a visible light system using technology created under the QuantIC programme for covert automated video surveillance. This is a developing technology with great growth potential in public and private security systems. However the cost and scale of these systems are limited by the available hardware and image analysis required to identify and track objects and people within a scene. Recent advances in visible light sources and sensors present the potential for extremely small modules for cheap and covert imaging of many parallel video images within a single system.

Aralia Systems Ltd, a UK SME, have developed a covert infra-red imaging system based around a photometric stereo concept. The photometric stereo imaging allows reconstruction of the topology of the scene and greatly improves the automated image analysis task. The use of visible LED sources will offer significant cost benefits to the system, increase covertness and provide the opportunity for further system functionality (e.g. LiFi comms and position sensing).

The major outcomes of the project will be the creation of a prototype system, and the definition of future design requirements at both a source and system level.


About Aralia

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