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Optimisation of cones for generation of vortex beams and radial polarisation states – Gooch and Housego and University of Glasgow

Polarisation of light has been used as a tool for hundreds of years, from high speed data transfer to quantum communication. Typical applications use light with uniform polarisation, however, more recently beams with structured polarisation, so called vector vortex beams, have gained interest due to their unique properties, including their improved focussing properties, important, e.g. for microscopy and laser cutting and their opportunities in vector-vortex coronagraphs for state of the art astronomical  telescopes as well as research on non-classical light fields.

This project aims to take recent research developments in the production method of structured polarisation sources from the University of Glasgow, and working together with Gooch and Housego, to determine the feasibility of developing the technology towards marketable devices.

The new method has been shown to work across the visible spectrum, opening up the possibility of using these beams for broad band applications in microscopy and astronomy, but also allowing higher power for cutting and machining.

The feasibility project will:

  • investigate suitable design geometries to increase efficiency of the system to 95% or above
  • Investigate optimised materials and coatings to increase the fidelity of the generated polarisation structures.

The combination of the manufacture, optical coatings and material knowledge of Gooch and Housego with the academic rigour of University of Glasgow will lead to significant and rapid development of this technology from TRL2 to TRL 6.


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