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Mosaic Filters for Manufacturable Multispectral Imaging – Leonardo and Heriot Watt University

The market for hyper spectral imaging is forecast to grow to $89m by 2019 at an annual growth rate of 12%. Mosaic filters offer benefits of acquiring multi-spectral images without the use of multiple cameras, or complex bulk optical components or moving part, thus providing a more compact, low power and less costly approach with little or no latency.

Leonardo UK proposes a project that helps address a major potential obstacle in the drive to exploit the huge potential offered by multi-hyper-spectral imaging, namely the integration of mosaic filters with the focal plane array chip itself. Along with partners Heriot Watt University and Helia Photonics Ltd, a 4-colour mosaic filter has been successfully developed during a phase 1 CDE project completed earlier this year. The project output consisted of an array of pixel-scale optical filters on a single substrate, optimised for wavelength ranges from the visible to the SWIR.

In this next stage of development it is proposed to determine the feasibility of using Heriot Watt’s flip chip bonding capabilities to develop the technique to align and mount mosaic filters onto Geiger-mode focal plane arrays (Gm-FPA). This will demonstrate a vital stage in the manufacture of integrated filter array/FPA components. These integrated components will then be available to support computational imaging approaches to process low light level, sparse data sets in emerging quantum imaging applications and matrix completion algorithims which Leonardo is developing in collaboration with the University of Oxford. The project is aligned with QuantIC’s work programme and work package 4, development of sources and sensors, in particular.


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