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Imaging Plasmonic Polarimetry for Bio-Molecular Structural Sensing – University of Glasgow and Horiba Scientific

This project will investigate the feasibility of commercial exploitation of a new spectroscopic imaging technique, Plasmonic Polarimetry, as a tool to detect structural changes in proteins. This novel optical technique, pioneered by the Kadodwala group at the University of Glasgow, uses unique plasmonic nanostructures to probe the structural properties of a protein based on quantum interactions between light and molecular structure on the nanoscale. This structural information has significant importance in understanding the behaviour of a protein and is highly valuable for biomedical research. Current techniques to acquire this information are costly, tedious and require large sample quantities.This optical technique opens unique opportunities to detect such changes in a more effective manner and at reduced cost and time. Moreover, it enables the potential development of new diagnostic technologies to improve quality testing in the biotech industry, drug discovery, protein development, food testing and medical diagnosis.

The technique requires a combination of a customised optical imaging system and unique plasmonic samples in order to detect the structural properties of proteins. Under the guidance of Horiba Scientific, this project will further develop the system from a laboratory protype at technology readiness level (TRL) 4 to an industrial set up (TRL 6) to determine the feasibility of developing the technology into a commercial product and to identify future design criteria.


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