Partnership Resource Projects

Low cost multichannel time tag technology – University of Bristol

The timing of events at sub-nanosecond precision is becoming more and more widespread in quantum imaging, for distance measurement, communications systems synchronization, fluorescence and luminescence measurements, and in the research laboratory for a variety of quantum photonics applications. Several companies have already entered this market with product ranging in price and functionality from £5,000 to £40,000. The University of Bristol University has developed within QuantIC, a flexible photon counting and timing laboratory demonstrator at TRL 4, which has shown top end performance at a potentially low cost base by utilizing a novel software approach. Further development of this instrument into a 16-channel demonstrator system at TRL 7 will provide a set of user friendly functions including:
– GUI interface style.
– Start up and auto-calibration software
– Real time instrument panel showing channel trigger rates
– Real time two channel time interval histograms (single and multistep)
– Multichannel time histogramming
– Software defined coincidence counting (time windowing)

Following on from the project, feedback will be gathered from users across QuantiC regarding future design requirements for full commercialization.