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Titanium imaging from feasibility to demonstration (QuantIC Phase 2 project) – Sequestim and the Universities of Glasgow and Cardiff

This project proposes to build on the exciting results achieved in the QuantIC Phase 1 proof-of concept study where it has been demonstrated that Lumped Element Kinetic Inductance Detectors (LEKIDs) made of Titanium Nitride (TiNKIDs) can be operated at a higher temperature than the aluminium devices while maintaining performance. This will offer cost reductions and continuous operation capability. Building upon these results will enable the development of a TRL 6/7 demonstrator passive THz imaging camera for security use in airports. The project is led by new start-up company, Sequestim Ltd. (SQ), which was incorporated in 2016 by the partnership of QMC Instruments Ltd. (QMC) and Cardiff University (CU) specifically to exploit this technology in potentially huge worldwide markets.

Millimetre-wave imaging techniques are now used in airport security screening, but passengers must pose during image acquisition, and the large number of false threat detections makes the system inefficient and costly. The current systems illuminate the passenger in what is termed an active imager. In sharp contrast, our proposed passive imaging technology uses radiation emitted by the human body, so that hidden objects appear in silhouette.

The detectors are extremely sensitive and fast, and so will enable real time “walk-through” security screening. This can generate an order of magnitude increase in screening speed along with greater threat detection capability, thus enhancing both safety and the passenger experience. Aluminium Lumped Element Kinetic Inductance Detectors (LEKIDs) which were invented by our colleagues at CU, have already shown the ultra-high sensitivity and detection speeds required to perform passive body imaging and that they can be operated in automated cryogen-free platforms. This proposal will enable crucial simplifications of the cryogenic requirements which can be achieved with LEKIDs fabricated from alternative materials.


About Sequestim

Sequestim is a joint venture between QMC Instruments Ltd and Cardiff University established in 2016 to commercialise the next generation of terahertz imaging technology developed by the partners for security screening applications.