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Multiplexed Time Correlated Single-Photon Timing (MUX-TCSPC) detection technology : detection of cancer biomarkers (QuantIC Phase 2 project) – Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Limited and the Universities of Strathclyde and Edinburgh

This project builds on the success of a Phase 1 QuantIC feasibility project aimed at assessing the performance of multiplexed time-correlated single-photon timing (MUX-TCSPC) detection technology on the Horiba range of fluorescence instrumentation. Fluorescence is routinely used in many different types of research and medical diagnostics and is the phenomenon whereby light of one colour shining on a species gives to the emission of light of a different colour. MUX-TCSPC is a way of parallel detection of the quanta of light, photons, which preserves their time of arrival at the detector. Results from this feasibility project have proved to be very encouraging and in this Phase 2 project, a demonstrator will be constructed with capabilities that surpass current technology by several orders of magnitude improvement in terms of data acquisition and processing speed.

As planned in Phase 1 this performance will be demonstrated in Phase 2 using a “real-world” application that requires such speed. In particular, application to the biomedical sciences will be piloted in a critical area for improving healthcare by developing the technical capability for cell screening for cancer biomarkers, where early detection is paramount and where the low ratio of cancer biomarker to background signal has hitherto limited progress. This project will combine a plasmonic assay for detecting cancer biomarkers, recently developed in the Photophysics Group at Strathclyde University, single-photon array detection technology from the CMOS Sensors and
Systems Group at Edinburgh University and the development and adaptation of novel fluorescence spectrometers and microscopes by Glasgow-based Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd, who are the world-leaders in fluorescence instrumentation.

The project will open-up new commercial opportunities by laying the foundation for satisfying a critical and currently unmet need in healthcare, which has the potential for global benefit.


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