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Integrated imaging, navigation and data systems for autonomous mobile agents (QuantIC Phase 2 project) – Aralia Systems and University of Strathclyde

The rapid increase of video surveillance equipment in use in private, industrial and public spaces has been underpinned by the reduction in cost of compact, visible light cameras, enabled with high-speed networking. This explosion in the amount of captured data has led to a secondary problem: the identification and tracking of people and objects within the monitored scenes. Whilst human monitoring is the gold standard of image discrimination, the associated human resource cost for continual or retrospective analysis is prohibitive. Aralia Systems Ltd, a UK SME, have developed a photometric stereo concept that allows reconstruction of the topology of a scene and greatly improves the automated image analysis task.

This proposed work will capitalise on the success of the Led by LED demonstrators developed at the University of Strathclyde under the QuantIC programme in a Phase I project which has demonstrated the feasibility of using high-speed structured light sources in photometric stereo imaging systems. This Phase 2 project will take the TRL4 lab demonstrator developed in Phase I to TRL6 and incorporate multiple functions within the same system. This prototype will be able to capture photometric stereo video images in a room sized environment whilst concurrently using the same illumination infrastructure to operate data communications and spatially structured light navigation systems in a single, mobile robotic system. By operating at high speed and using visible light in a lit environment these systems allow for covert surveillance.


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Aralia systems Ltd (AS) has been providing a unique set of intelligent surveillance products such as full scene Video Content Analysis, since 1997, to a wide customer-base (airports, rail transit systems, city councils, retail outlets and oil and gas companies) with core business focused on security and surveillance in the UK and USA markets. For more information, please visit