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Proof of Concept Demonstration of a Novel Timepix 3 ASIC/CdZnTe Imaging Assembly to enable 3D Reconstruction of Gamma Ray Environments – Kromek Ltd and University of Glasgow

For almost two decades CERN have been developing a range of ASICs for radiation imaging (the Medipix family). New developments in their latest variants of this chip series offer game changing performance for gamma ray imaging applications in medical and civil nuclear applications. The University of Glasgow are a long established partner of the international Medipix academic consortium and hence have been fundamental to the development of ASIC specifications and readout interfaces that allow data collected by the ASIC to be read into software for manipulation and image creation. The latest Medipix variant, Timepix 3 will allow the continuous readout of all gamma ray interactions including measurement of both event energy and arrival time at a single photon level. This will be the first time in the world that such data will be available for the small pixel sizes in the Medipix family, thereby providing the ability to reconstruct gamma ray images with full three dimensional information without the need for pinhole or mask technologies.

This project will be to investigate the feasibility of integrating CdZnTe with Timepix 3 and through the development of new imaging algorithms obtain suitable imaging performance that can be exploited within a new range of gamma ray imaging instrumentation initially.


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