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UAV mounted Terahertz imager development – Lockheed Martin UK and University of Glasgow

Food security is one of this century’s key global challenges. By 2050 the world will require increased crop production in order to feed its predicted 9 billion people. Applying just the right amount of irrigation to plants at the right time under the direction of terahertz imaging technologies could play a crucial part in sustainable intensification of crop production.

This project explores the feasibility of developing a CMOS based, low cost and easy to manufacture terahertz imager to be mounted on a micro Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) for the measurement of plant characteristics such as water content. The University of Glasgow has already developed a sensor that uses metamaterials design on a CMOS chip which has been shown to operate at terahertz frequencies and it requires further development and testing before industrial investment can be attracted.

The study will review the key design criteria for the sensor and also consider the implications and operational limitation of UAV integration with a view to developing, integrating and testing a terahertz imaging system on a micro UAV in a future follow on project.

Lockheed Martin UK has established connections with the agricultural industry, which is seen as a growth sector for UAV technology and through this bring extensive knowledge of the market and user requirements. Lockheed Martin UK and the University of Glasgow propose providing presentations of the findings, to new and existing contacts within the Agricultural sector with a view to identifying appropriate routes to market. This is aligned to work package four of Quantic programme.

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