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 Imaging The Unviewable

QuantIC researchers are using the extreme single-photon sensitivity of SPAD arrays and photon-timing information to image objects hidden from view and around corners.

Optmising Imaging Systems

QuantIC are exploring techniques to get the most information possible out of available photons using classical regularization algorithms, and computational approaches such as fast Hadamard transforms.

Quantum enhanced multidimensional sensing

QuantIC is researching the additional functionalities that only
quantum mechanics can provide, such as covertness and
secrecy, in the context of sensing and imaging.

Daniele Faccio, reader of physics, at the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences, in his laboratory in the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, Wednesday 24th October 2012.


“Q” Light Source

Shot noise is an issue for imaging applications, especially in low light. Now imagine a light source that is even cleaner than a laser that can be engineered to suppress noise to below the shot noise limit. That’s “Q”.


Imagine using your mobile phone to predict volcanic eruptions, find oil and gas reservoirs and sense objects buried underground. With Wee-g, this is now possible.

Single Pixel Camera

Infrared cameras are used in a variety of industrial applications but they can be expensive with their many millions of pixel arrays. The Single Pixel Camera offers a lower cost alternative using just one pixel.

Fresnel Cone Technology

Fresnel cone technology offers a low cost and robust method to generate broadband structured polarisation beams in applications such as high precision laser cutting and micromachining.

Single-photon underwater 3D imager

QuantIC has pioneered an active 3D imaging system specifically for use in highly scattering underwater environments.



With QuantICAM, we can construct a high-resolution camera capable of imaging the time-of-arrival of each of the billions of photons emitted from labelled biological cells or reflected by optical radar.

Led by LED

Ultrafast LED illumination capable of projecting patterns used by sensing devices to determine their position accurately and directing them them to undertake tasks.


At QuantIC we are developing low cost camera systems that can image at the invisible terahertz wavelengths opening possible applications from security monitoring and manufacturing inspection to skin cancer detection.


A new medium wavelength infrared sensor based on antimonides technology that will open new applications in biological imaging, security and sensing.

Germanium on silicon SPADs

QuantIC is developing a new single photon avalanche detectors (SPADs) using germanium on silicon that can operate at room temparature.

Superconducting Nanowire Arrays

QuantIC is leading the development of superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs) from single pixel SNSPD devices to large area arrays, and developing next generation miniaturized cryogenic platforms.

 3D Imaging with data fusion

QuantIC has combined LIDAR and stereo imaging using data fusion techniques to provide a verified 3D scene which also offers detailed measurements of relative velocities in the field of view.

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Industry Projects

Clyde space – Few photon satellite communications using LEDS

QuantIC is working with Clyde Space to develop LED based transceivers for clusters of nanosatellites to communicate in space.

Industry Projects

Aralia – Automated Video Surveillance

QuantIC’s researchers are working with security company Aralia Systems Ltd to investigate the feasibility of employing an LED visible light system for covert automated video surveillance.

Leonardo – Low cost 3D Imaging

Working with Leonardo, our  Single Pixel Camera (SPC) has been adapted to provide range information for every single element in an image in addition to a standard two-dimensional image.

Bridgeporth, Clyde Space, QinetiQ, Schlumberger, Kelvin Nanotechnolgy – Wee-g MEMS Gravimeter

QuantIC’s Wee-g is working with several industry partners to explore  applications across a number of sectors as well as building a supply chain for commercialisation.

Thales – What’s inside the building

QuantIC is working with Thales to develop camera systems which enable image detection around a corner or behind a wall.

Horiba – Multiplexed Single Photon Timing Fluorescence System

Horiba, in partnership with QuantIC, is using QuantICAM to obtain a multiplexed version of its existing technology which will enable the full “signature” of a molecular fluorescence signal to be captured.

M Squared Lasers – Gas Sight : Low cost gas imaging

Working with M-Squared Lasers, QuantIC has developed a low-cost, low power gas detection imaging system that can produce real time video of methane gas.

Lockheed Martin – Drone mounted Terahertz Imager

Working with Lockheed Martin, QuantIC researchers are integrating TeraCAM™ with world-class unmanned aerial vehicles to map water content in a variety of crops (e.g.wheat and barley) using THz aerial imaging.

Gas Sensing Solutions – Mid infrared sensing and imaging

QuantIC is collaborating with Gas Sensing Solutions and Compound Semiconductor Technologies to explore fabrication high sensitivity mid-infrared sensing layers to demonstrate the flexibility of our IndiPix technology platform.

Lockheed Martin – Seeing through scattering media

Working with Lockheed Martin, QuantIC is benchmarking a new technology demonstrator that can see through scattering media in real world scenarios.

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Other Information

QuantIC Annual Report 2018

Check out our latest annual report for the progress we’ve made in Year Four.

QuantIC Annual Report 2017

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QuantIC Annual Report 2016

We report on key highlights and progress made in Year Two.

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Making the invisible visible

The brochure provides an overview of QuantIC and the Hub’s technologies.

Scientific Posters

This link provides access to recent Scientific Posters by QuantIC researchers.

Research Publications

This link provides access to research papers published by QuantIC researchers.

Patents and patent applications

This link provides access to recent patents by QuantIC researchers.

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Quantum Buddies

Brief Early History of Quantum Physics

Our A1 poster for schools to get kids excited about quantum physics!

The Electron Diffraction Tube

Check out this video on the electron diffraction tube that Quantum Buddy Helen Cammack made in partnership with SSERC and QuantIC

Webinar on the Double Slit

QuantIC’s Professor Miles Padgett’s webinar for Physics teachers on the Double Slit experiment and what it really means for Quantum Physics.

Young’s Double Slit explained

Here’s a short film on Young’s Double Slit experiment explained by Quantum Buddy and QuantIC researcher Reuben Aspden.