QuantIC patents and patent applications

Please find a list of patents and patent applications that have been filed for research funded by QuantIC.

MEMS Gravimeter
• Measurement of acceleration
P. Campsie, G.D. Hammond, R.P. Middlemiss, D.J. Paul and A. Samarelli

Single Photon Communication
• Wireless optical communications
M. Dawson, M. Strain, J. Herrnsdorf, A. Griffiths, R. Henderson

Single Photon Communication
• Wire optical communications and imaging systems and methods
M. Dawson, M. Strain, J. Herrnsdorf, L. O’Hare

Chiral Spectroscopy
• Apparatus and techniques for fourier transform millimetre-wave spectroscopy
• Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy for enantiomerspecific detection of chiral molecules
• Differential excitation spectroscopy
• Method of analysing molecular properties and spectrometer for the same
S. Barnett

Terahertz Imaging
• Method of fabricating a monolithic sensor device from a layered structure
D. Cumming


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