Scientific excellence and international research leadership are the foundations on which QuantIC has built its industry-facing programme.

QuantIC partners with users to develop a new generation of ‘quantum-inside’ and ‘quantum-inspired’ cameras delivering information-rich images that are inaccessible to current technologies and to bring those cameras to market.

In support of this goal, QuantIC has developed a range of technology demonstrators which display the achievements of the programme as well as the potential for future development.

QuantIC’s technical programme is organised through four interlinked work packages (WPs). The first three cover systems development, focusing on quantum imaging with correlation (WP1), timing (WP2) and squeezing (WP3), whilst WP4 addresses the development of component sources and detectors. More details on the different work packages can be found below:
Work Package 1 – Imaging with Correlation
Work Package 2 – Imaging with Timing
Work Package 3 – Imaging with Squeezing
Work Package 4 – Sources and Detector Technologies

Daniele Faccio, reader of physics, at the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences, in his laboratory in the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, Wednesday 24th October 2012.