Now Open: Industrial Partnership Fund to support quantum projects

QuantIC are delighted to announce a new funding call available to it’s strategic partners; to fast-track the development, implementation and commercialisation of novel demonstrators, processes and/or systems in the field of imaging, in alignment with QuantIC’s priorities.

The Industrial Partnership Fund (IPF) has a budgetary contribution of £1 million from QuantIC. In addition, there will be matched contribution from the industrial partner towards the project.

Key characteristics of the scheme are:
• Projects are focused on demonstrating proof of concept for quantum technologies for a commercial application.

• The principal investigator will need to be a partner in QuantIC; additional investigators can be from any UK Higher Education Institution.

• Eligible applicants are a collaboration of at least one industrial partner and one QuantIC academic partner. When this minimum is satisfied, additional academic partners are also eligible.To ensure industry buy-in, industry partners will need to commit atleast 50% resource to the project, preferably in cash. If any in-kind contribution is included, it will need to be verifiable to the project.

• QuantIC will be covering costs upto a maximum of £60k at full economic cost (fEC) (£48k at 80%) and upto 12 months in length.

• Scheme is always open with rolling quarterly deadlines. Applications will be automatically aligned to the nearest rolling quarterly deadline.

Deadlines, submission and award process

IPF PoC is always open for submission of applications and operates rolling deadlines for
proposal evaluations.

Applicants should submit their completed application forms by email to 

Access the full call documents and guidelines below:

PoC IPF Guidance

IPF Application Form