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Industrial Partnership Fund

QuantIC is pleased to announce that the Industrial Partnership Fund is open for applications.

There are two funding streams available for application.

Proof of Concept

The aim of the fund is to fast-track the development, implementation and commercialisation of novel demonstrators, processes and/or systems in the field of imaging, in alignment with QuantIC priorities.

  • Projects need to be in the field of quantum imaging technologies and aligned with QuantIC’s vision to accelerate their commercial deployment.
  • Eligible applicants are a collaboration of at least one non-academic partner and one QuantIC academic partner.

Proof of Concept Guidance

Proof of Concept Application Form


New Venture

The aim of the New Venture fund is to help develop new business propositions that can fast-track the commercialisation and exploitation of novel products and/or systems in the field of quantum imaging.

  • Projects must be focused on supporting the development of a new venture intended to bring quantum imaging to the market.
  • Projects may involve a single applicant or a team. University spinout development teams are encouraged to apply

New Venture Guidance

New Venture Application Form

If you wish to discuss how to access the Industrial Partnership Fund please get in touch with Business Development Manager,   T: 0141 330 4080.

The team at QuantIC are happy to support your innovation journey in whatever way we can.

Accelerated Development Fund

The Accelerated Development Fund will open for applications in Spring 2021. 

The Accelerated Development Fund is designed to support universities accelerate innovation in quantum imaging in alignment with industry priorities and societal needs.

Projects should bring new ideas in QuantIC, whilst clearly demonstrating how they align with and further the Hub’s mission and how they integrate with, yet differentiate from, our existing pipeline.

The ADF awards should be a maximum of 24 months in length and each project will receive a maximum award of 250k (200k at 80% of full economic costing).

Leverage of additional funding and resources in the form of institutional support, industrial support etc. is not essential but is encouraged and will be considered in the evaluation process.

Accelerated Development Fund guidance

Expression of interest

Accelerated Development Fund application form

ADF finance table


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