QuantIC academics made Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

QuantIC Professors Giles Hammond and Robert Henderson have been made Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE).

Professor Hammond is Professor of Experimental Gravitational Physics at the University of Glasgow while Professor Henderson is Personal Chair of Electronic Imaging in the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. They are two of 66 new Fellows elected to the RSE this year.

RSE Academics

The RSE is a leading educational charity which operates on an independent and non-party-political basis to provide public benefit throughout Scotland. Established by Royal Charter in 1783, the work of Scotland’s National Academy includes awarding research funding, leading on major inquiries, informing public policy and delivery events across Scotland to inspire knowledge and learning. The Fellows come from a wide range of disciplines, including the arts, business, science and technology and academia.

Professor Hammond’s work in QuantIC focusses on Wee-g, a MEMS based accelerometer capable of measuring tiny changes in the gravitational field which has generated significant industrial interest of commercialisation. More info on Wee-g can be found here.

Professor Henderson’s work in QuantIC focusses on QuantICAM, a CMOS SPAD which offers both single photon sensitivity and high precision time of arrival detection. This has applications in areas such as time-of-flight 3D imaging, positron emission tomography and time-resolved live-cell microscopy. More information on QuantICAM can be found here.