QuantIC at SPIE Photonics West 2018 – a wee wrap up

QuantIC attended its first Photonics West in 2017 with a small stand and following the positive reception, the Hub was back this year with a bigger footprint showcasing new imaging technology developed through its industrial partnership projects.

Exhibits included the Gas sight camera with M Squared Lasers, Fresnel cone technology with Gooch and Housego, and the Quanticam based Photon Counting FLIM Camera with Horiba Scientific.

Photonics West 2018

Dr David McLoskey, Managing Director of Horiba Scientific, who was on hand to exhibit with the QuantIC team said, “Showcasing HORIBA’s Quanticam-based Photon Counting FLIM System at Photonics West was an excellent networking opportunity and we thank the QuantIC team for making it possible.”

The Scottish Optoelectronics Association (SOA) had also been invited to exhibit with QuantIC at Photonics West 2018, highlighting the Hub’s relationship with the photonics industry in Scotland. ‘The SOA was delighted to co-exhibit with QuantIC at Photonics West 2018’, said Stephen Taylor, CEO of Technology Scotland. ‘It was fantastic to see the ground-breaking work of QuantIC and other SOA members being showcased at the world’s largest photonics event, and to co-host a Whisky Tasting, which attracted a very large gathering.”

SPIE Photonics West broke attendance records this year with over 23,000 registered attendees. Over 1300 companies exhibited and the exhibition saw a 10% increase in visitors.

QuantIC has plans to exhibit at a number of events this year. Follow us on twitter @QuantIC_QTHub for the latest updates.