QuantIC “Making the Invisible Visible” 3D Augmented Reality app

Quantum Physics is often thought of as something that belongs to the realm of science fiction and yet, it has given us technology like lasers and semiconductors which power our modern-day electronics. We realise it can be a challenging subject and that’s why we’ve created some tools and compiled some online resources to share our knowledge in understanding this branch of physics better.

We’ve created this 3D augmented reality app that can be used on smartphones, iPads and tablets to demonstrate some of the imaging technologies we are working on such as cameras that can see around corners and cameras that image invisible gases.

To download and install the app, head over to the App or Google Play store and search for “QuantIC”.

Download and print the A4 PDF of QR codes here which represent items such as a laser, detector, mannequin etc.

Open the app on your tablet or phone and scan the QR codes as directed. Have fun trying it out!

*Please note – The app is not compatible for all devices and will require at least Android 8.0 or Apple iOS 12+ to work. It has been developed as a free educational resource and is still undergoing testing; it should run without issue on suitable devices but it is supplied as is and we cannot be held liable for any issues arising from its use.