QuantIC PhD Studentships open for application

QuantIC is excited to announce the next round of PhD studentships and welcome proposals from researchers and industry that will complement and strengthen their technology development portfolio.

A QuantIC studentship offers students interested in the field of quantum and imaging the chance to conduct exciting and challenging research training in a collaborative environment across our academic partner institutions and industrial partners.

Academics are encouraged to submit the QuantIC Studentship Application Form by 28 February 2021. Details of any discussions with an industry partner should be included. The QuantIC Business Development team will support discussions as the application process progresses.

Applications should be completed and returned to Kevin.McIver@glasgow.ac.uk

To be eligible for a QuantIC studentship, the project must fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • The project needs to be in the field of imaging and align with the Quantum Enhanced Imaging Hub aim of delivering technological solutions to industry.
  • The projects must be industry-led and the industrial partner needs to co-supervise the student and cover between 30% and 50% of the studentship costs, which are estimated as £80k (in line with the notional EPSRC value) i.e. £24-40k cash contribution.
  • Studentship funding should be for 42 months in order that projects are in line with RCUK-funded projects. A letter of support will be required from the potential industrial partner, which includes confirmation of the level and nature of the support offered.
  • Industrial partners will be expected to sign a studentship agreement in line with the programme.
  • Fees and stipend are at RCUK recommended levels. If a higher stipend is required, please provide details.
  • In order to give the best possible experience for all parties, it is expected that students are provided the opportunity to spend time at the company premises.

Key Dates:
• Deadline for applications 28 February 2021
• Recruitment deadline 30 April 2021
• Studentship commencement expected October 2021