QuantIC’s Professor Martin Dawson delivers keynote talk at ICDT 2019

QuantIC’s Professor Martin Dawson at the University of Strathclyde delivered a Keynote talk on Micro-LED technology to an audience of 1200 attendees at the International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT) 2019. Held in Kunshun, China from 26-29 March, the ICDT is the only display technology conference held solely by the Society for Information Display outside the United States.

Professor Martin Dawson at ICDT 2019

Professor Dawson is a pioneer of Micro-LEDs and co-founder of mLED Ltd. As well as highlighting the ability of this technology to drive the market convergences indicated above, he indicated the compatibility of this technology with few-photon structured lighting and SPAD single photon sensitive camera systems, work which is being driven by QuantIC.

Micro-LEDs, a novel display and communications technology readily interfaced to CMOS, is now emerging rapidly for new forms of fast, high resolution and ultra-bright displays. Samsung and Sony, for example, have recently demonstrated colossal flat panel displays based on this technology (Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ and Sony’s ‘Crystal LED’) and various companies are demonstrating customised versions for wearables, VR/AR, medical applications and beyond. Yole Development are forecasting worldwide sales of several hundred million of these displays per annum by 2025. MicroLED displays have the capability to drive convergence in display, communications, sensing, imaging and lighting technologies, especially as the bright pixel clusters have sufficient dark space between them to embed sensing functions via front plane integration.

More information on Professor Dawson’s research with QuantIC can be found here.