Stellar explosion and quantum drama claim top prizes in Quantum Shorts film festival

“Novae” has won the top prize in this year’s Quantum Shorts film festival which is organised by the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore. QuantIC is the UK Scientific Partner of the event.

The film, created using shots of ink in an aquarium set up in filmmaker Thomas Vanz’s garage shows what happens when a giant star explodes, moving through the phase of “supernova” to the formation of a black hole. Understanding these processes is widely considered essential to creating a much-needed theory of “quantum gravity” that fills in the blanks left by relativity and quantum physics.

The runner up film and also the People’s Choice winner, “The Guardian” by Dr Chetan V. Kotabage, tells of a love triangle between young people – electron, wave and particle – and its dramatic consequences. The film’s narrative and staging bring to life some of the central concepts of quantum physics.

Quantum Shorts Event Collage

Both films were screened at the UK Premiere of Quantum Shorts, which was held at the Glasgow Science Centre’s Planetarium, on 17 March.The event was organised as part of British Science Week 2017 and the Glasgow Short Film Festival. QuantIC’s Professor Miles Padgett hosted the evening and took the audience on a whistle stop tour of some of the quantum theories such as entanglement and wave particle duality, which inspired the top ten shortlisted films. Guests were also given the opportunity to view QuantIC demonstrators on display.

The Hub also hosted a pre-screening industry reception in partnership with Glasgow City of Science and Innovation and Technology Scotland. Entitled “The Art of Possible”, the event was an opportunity for over 30 guests from the creative, government, business and academic sectors to find out more about quantum technologies.
Feedback from both the screening of Quantum Shorts and The Art of Possible were very positive with survey responses indicating attendees had learnt something about quantum technologies and QuantIC. This audience member’s comment sums it up, “What a great evening! Thanks QuantIC!”.

Watch Novae here.

Watch The Guardian here.