Scientific excellence and international research leadership are the foundations on which QuantIC has built its industry-facing programme.

Quantum is an enabling technology underpinning sensing and imaging developments in areas spanning: healthcare, defence and security, autonomous vehicles and consumer electronics. QuantIC has made inroads into the development of a quantum supply chain that will enable further investment in these sectors. The Hub also partners with users to develop a new generation of ‘quantum-inside’ and ‘quantum-inspired’ cameras delivering information-rich images that are inaccessible to current technologies and to bring those cameras to market.

Looking to the future

We engage with industry to lead the quantum imaging research agenda by introducing new partners and adding new technology demonstrators to our research portfolio, ensuring paradigm-changing innovation that will transform imaging in tomorrow’s society.

As we continue build upon our portfolio, QuantIC is focused on revolutionary research aligned to the following:

Seeing through Obscuration: Central to many of our demonstrators including a) LIDAR systems to image through fog and smoke, and b) combining spatial and temporal inversion to image deep in tissue.

Seeing with Quantum Entanglement: To overcome classical resolution and noise limits and create new modalities for covert imaging.

Seeing at Extreme Wavelengths: The thrust of much of our detector development programme and also relies upon wavelength transformation through nonlinear materials including detection free measurement of imaging and gases.

Our technologies can address user challenges in the following sectors:

The future of transport

Recent developments in optical sources, entangled photons for covert encoding and single-photon counting & timing are enabling new quantum imaging systems to be developed to provide 3D images. These new systems offer the potential for new and improved LIDAR systems to be developed which, due to their extended wavelength range, can operate successfully in turbid media such as fog, rain and snow as well as underwater. Working in collaboration with users and technology providers, we have identified system demonstrators combining optimisation of detector technology, image reconstruction for low-photon number and low-cost visible and integration of new IR SPADs into IR LIDAR systems.
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The future of Life Sciences

Biomedical imaging is an area where QuantIC seeks to expand its contributions. These will primarily be in through body imaging and microscopy. There is strong industry interest in both fluorescence and super-resolution microscopy to improve performance utilising SPAD arrays and other components. Our researchers are investigating non-invasive imaging through the body, creating a new generation of single-fibre endoscopes and using quantum illumination and correlated photon pairs to beat classical imaging limits in microscopy.
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The future of Security and Sensors

Quantum phenomena will impact areas of imaging, especially with respect to enhanced sensitivity, covert or unspoofable operations as well as imaging through complex media. Working in collaboration with industry we are developing quantum LIDAR and radar and covert imaging systems. We are also developing a UK capability for near IR SPADs and SPAD arrays for security and defence. Additionally, we continue to develop monitoring systems for secure infrastructure e.g. airports, rail stations, utilising different wavelengths as well as gas sensing without detection.
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In the past 5 years

Scientific excellence and international research leadership are the foundations on which QuantIC has built its industry-facing programme.

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