Ten films bring quantum inspiration to international festival shortlist

Quantum Shorts finalists from around the world explore life and our universe through a quantum lens

From films that made them “laugh out loud” to those that were “painfully touching”, from the “slightly absurd” to the “brilliantly unexpected”, judges for the Quantum Shorts film festival have picked ten finalists and commended the diversity of entries.

The ten shortlisted films were chosen from 224 films received from 52 different countries during the festival’s call for entries in 2020. The task for filmmakers was to tell a quantum story in no more than five minutes of film. Filmmakers tackled the challenge in many thought-provoking ways.

The finalists are made in styles including live action, puppeteering and animation, across a range of genres. You can watch a comedic take on quantum superposition, immerse yourself in a suspenseful game of hide-and-seek, and solve a crime with quantum clues.

Want to open up your imagination, too? Now you can judge the films for yourselves. We invite you to watch the Quantum shorts finalists and vote for your favourite. The films are available to view on the Quantum Shorts website.

Congratulations to the finalists! You can watch the trailer first, and then enjoy the films one by one.