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Pushing and twisting light’s mechanical properties at CLEO-Europe 2015

Quantic’s Professor Stephen Barnett was recently invited as a keynote speaker at CLEO Europe – EQEC 2015, Europe’s premier joint conference on Lasers, Electro-optics and Fundamental Quantum Electronics.

Held in Munich, Germany, the conference was held in conjunction with Laser World of Photonics 2015, the largest European trade exhibition of laser and electro optic equipment and services, and while it featured over 1600 presentations, Professor Barnett was only one of 8 keynote speakers at the event.

His talk on “Push and Twist: the Mechanical Properties of Light” described the two distinct momenta that light carried in a medium, including magnetic and materials and how the combination of electric and magnetic effects was crucial also in exploiting the chiral molecules.

Commenting on the research, Professor Barnett said, “The optical force we have uncovered may have far reaching implications in the development of new pharmaceuticals.”

Steve Barnett at Cleo Europe 2015

Professor Barnett’s research is funded by EPSRC and more details of his research can be found at: