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QuantIC attends Photonics West 2017

QuantIC took another step towards increasing its international and industry profile by exhibiting for the first time at Photonics West 2017.

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As part of the exhibit, QuantIC brought along a prototype of the Gas Sight Camera which is collaboration between the Hub and M Squared Lasers and combines state of the art laser systems with single-pixel infrared cameras based on the same technology found in a data projector.

Dr Matthew Edgar, was one of QuantIC’s researchers who was representing QuantIC at the event. He said, “Photonics West 2017 has to be one of the biggest exhibitions on the planet for cutting edge Physics and in particular Optics research. Our stall on the Scottish section has been attracting hundreds of visitors and gaining lots of attention from companies who want to commercialise quantum imaging technologies. We are very lucky to promote such incredible science which is emerging from the Hub.”

QuantIC’s Gas Sight Camera was also “entangled” at Photonics West as industry partner M Squared Lasers also brought along a prototype to highlight as one of its new technologies and industrial collaboration. QuantIC Photonics West 2The Hub is now looking to exhibit at Laser World of Photonics in Munich in June.

More information on Gas Sight is available here.