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QuantIC’s Professor Daniele Faccio awarded Philip Leverhulme Prize for “light in flight”

QuantIC’s Professor Daniele Faccio has been awarded the Philip Leverhulme Prize in Physics for his work on “light in flight”. The £100,000 prize recognizes the achievement of outstanding researchers who work has already attracted international recognition and whose future career is exceptionally promising.

Prof. Daniele Faccio
Prof. Daniele Faccio

Professor Faccio’s research with QuantIC focusses on developing technologies to measure light at the single photon level. The new technologies being developed allows the reconstruction of the photon arrival time with incredible temporal precision and therefore effectively capturing “light in flight”. This feat of imaging light in motion has never been achieved before and is opening up opportunities in developing new camera systems such as the QuantiCam, which can see behind walls or around corners, and has the potential for other applications including non-invasive medical imaging and monitoring the ripeness and health of fruit.

Based at Heriot Watt University, Professor Faccio is also Group leader for the Extreme Light Group at the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences at the university. Regarding the award, he said, “It’s a fantastic acknowledgement on the importance of new light technologies and I’d like to thank The Leverhulme Trust for this award which will enable us to facilitate more networking and collaboration between external research groups and support our public engagement and outreach activities.”

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