QuantIC team make new connections at Quantum Showcase

Published: 6 November 2023

The QuantIC team exhibited key technologies at the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase

The QuantIC team engaged with new companies, investors, academics and members of the quantum community at the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase in London on 2nd of November.

The showcase presented the latest in ground-breaking applications of the technology which will potentially revolutionise many aspects of life in the UK. Quantum technologies could bring enormous benefits to the economy, such as making it possible to solve complex problems impossible to solve with even the most powerful high-performance classical computers, and opening entirely new frontiers in sensing, timing, imaging, and communications.

The Science Minister George Freeman outlined the recipients of over £14 million in funding, aimed at benefiting the UK’s thriving quantum sector. Minister Freeman provided the opening address at the event and set out how the government is continuing with its vision to become a quantum-enabled economy by 2023.

Minister Freeman visited the QuantIC stand where Peter Mekhail from the University of Glasgow gave him a demonstration of our Single Fibre Imager, which images through an optical fibre, the width of a human hair.

QuantIC Director, Professor David Cumming, also presented at the National Quantum Technology Programme (NQTP) panel session where he highlighted the research, technology, and industrial partnership successes of QuantIC.

First published: 6 November 2023