QuantIC investigator partners with South Korea on Quantum tech

Published: 20 March 2024

QuantIC researchers have partnered with Sung Kyung Kwan University (SKKU) in the Republic of Korea for a major new international partnership in quantum technologies.

QuantIC researcher at the University of Glasgow have partnered with Sung Kyung Kwan University (SKKU) in the Republic of Korea for a major new international partnership in quantum technologies.

The five-year ‘Joint research centre in Superconducting Electro-Optic technology for Near-infrared single photon counting’ project, or JOSEON, aims to develop cutting-edge quantum devices.

The researchers will work together to create next-generation superconducting photon detectors for demanding applications such as secure quantum communication networks in optical fibre and space.
Professor Robert Hadfield, of the James Watt School of Engineering, and Professor Yonuk Chong, of the SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology, will lead JOSEON, which is also the historic name for the Kingdom of Korea.

JOSEON is one of just one of just four Korea-Europe Quantum Science and Technology Collaboration Centres selected for funding by the National Research Council of Korea. The project will be supported by £2.8m in funding across its lifespan.

In October 2023 Professor Hadfield and Professor Chong were invited to Brussels for an inauguration ceremony attended by the Minister Lee of the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea.

Last week, Professor Chong and research students joined Professor Hadfield at the University of Glasgow Mazumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre to officially kick off the partnership.

Professor Chong said: “I am delighted to be working with my good friend Professor Robert Hadfield, who is a renowned expert in superconducting photon detectors. I am impressed by the superb facilities in the ARC and the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre at the University of Glasgow.”

Professor Hadfield said: “It is a great honour that our project was selected by the National Research Foundation of Korea. This will facilitate exchange of expertise on superconducting devices and accelerate scientific progress on emerging quantum technologies.

“I am very pleased to be hosting Dongki Cho and Beomgyu Choi as visiting postgraduate researchers and I am looking forward to visiting Professor Chong’s labs and facilities at SKKU Suwon.”

The JOSEON partnership builds on a Memorandum of Understanding on Research Co-operation between the University of Glasgow and SKKU signed in March 2022.

Professor Konstantinos Kontis, the University of Glasgow’s Dean for Global Engagement (China & East Asia), said: “This consolidates the strong partnership between the University of Glasgow and SKKU, two universities with historic traditions which are world-leading in advanced science and engineering. I congratulate Professor Hadfield and Professor Chong and wish them success with JOSEON.”

First published: 20 March 2024