Would You Like To Study With QuantIC?

Published: 21 February 2023

QuantIC provides fantastic opportunities for those interested in the field of quantum technology. Click here to learn more.

Quantum technologies are forming new markets due to their attractive benefits across science, industry, and society. This means a high-demand for people who have quantum-related backgrounds. 

Our PhD’s offer a highly desirable skill set for future career options. Already many PhD’s are offered jointly with high-profile industry partners in a wide range of sectors, from Google to DSTL, meaning you have immediate access to success academic and industrial futures. 

Joining our £1bn National Programme will ensure you have access to cutting-edge equipment and ideas. Our programme is seeking individuals from a range of backgrounds, to be key players in the growing future of Quantum Technologies. Join QuantIC, and UK’s National Quantum Technology Programme specialising in imaging, today. 

First published: 21 February 2023